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Included below are sample syllabi, handouts, sample tests, and online tutorials. Some of my previous students offer private tutoring. If you are in need of a tutor, contact me for their information.




In the Spring of 2009, I began writing Symbolic Logic: Syntax, Semantics, and Proof. The first edition took the form of lecture notes and handouts that I distributed in the summer of 2009, a course packet in the fall of 2009, and finally I used it as a textbook in the Summer 2010, Fall 2010, and Spring 2011 semesters.

The development of the textbook benefited greatly from the feedback I received from instructors and students at Penn State: Deniz Durmus (Spring 2011); Mark Fisher (Spring 2011); Cameron O'Mara (Summer 2011); Ryan Pollock (Fall 2011), Christopher Allaman, Ashley Brooks, Aurora Cooper, Maureen Dunn, Elliannies Duran, Ariel Endresen, Nayib Felix, Joy Garcia, Alex Kirk, Edward Lackner, Brooke Santkiewicz, Ariel Valdez, Isaac Bishop, Kristin Nuss, Karintha Parker, Sarah Mack, Amanda Wise, Meghan Barnett, Alexander McCormack, and Kevin Bogle.

The textbook is in its 2nd printing. The erratum (list of corrections from the first printing) can be found here: Errata for Symbolic Logic: Syntax, Semantics, and Proof.

I warmly welcome any constructive feedback you may have about the book. I'm always looking for new ways to make logic easier to learn!


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H0: Getting to Know You
H1: Elements of Logic
H2: PL: Symbols, Syntax, Semantics, Translation
H3: PL: Truth Tables
H4: PL: Truth Trees
H5: PL: Derivations
H6: RL: Symbols, Syntax, Semantics, Translation
H7: RL: Truth Trees
H8: RL: Derivations
H9: RL: Predicate Logic with Variable Assignments, Identity, Functions, Definite Descriptions
S9: RL: Predicate Logic with Variable Assignments (Slides)

OLD Handouts

H = Course Handout

H0: Getting to Know You Exercise

H1: Introduction to Logic: Propositions, Arguments, & Validity
H2: Propositional Logic: Symbols, Syntax, Semantics & Translation
H2s1: Markdown for Symbolic Logic
H2s2: Markdown and Symbolic Logic Contest Details
H3: Propositional Logic: Truth Tables
H3r: Two Conventions for Parentheses & a Review of Chs.1-3

H3: Conditionals and the LSAT
H4: Propositional Logic: Truth Trees
H4s: Five Tips For Truth Trees

H4e: Four Theories of Truth
H5: Propositional Logic: Derivations
H5s: Three Common Mistakes on Quiz #5

H6: Predicate Logic: Symbols, Syntax, Semantics & Translation
H7: Predicate Logic: Trees
H7s: Quick Tips for Lesson 7

H8: Predicate Logic: Derivations
H8s: Further Explanation on the use of Existential Elimination (EE)